Pysical Scrty

i need it in the next its 11:30am i need  it by 4pm east time today.

pls chck attachmnet .for instruction.

you need to write on this topic.

Facility requirements: 

– Controlled access to the building for everyone 

Minimum of 200 words (Double spaced )

APA style

At least 1 or 2 works cited  it should be from google scholar

Extreme Corporation (EC), a world leader in advanced tactical drones, plans to open a facility in St. Louis, MO. While having not settled on an exact location, ideally the facility will be within four miles of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport via a major highway. While maintaining their original facility in Phoenix, the new campus will become the primary location for research, and demonstration of equipment and sales. Since EC produces state-of-the-art military equipment, this new complex must have all possible security measures. Visitors, potential customers, current customers, support staff, design engineers, and demonstration staff will all be housed in a 100,000 square foot facility. The data warehouse will be duplicated to the Phoenix facility nightly. 

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