Project part 1: literature review outline with 2 research questions.


The Marketing Science Institute (MSI) is a highly-regarded organization that researches and publishes of new trends in strategic and functional marketing. Its research agenda often sets the pulse for both academic and practical research. 

For your class project, you will choose one of the research areas/questions identified in the MSI report and will develop a research proposal to address research questions (RQs) refined from the MSI report from a specific research perspective. Your final proposal will include both secondary data collection through a literature review and a proposed primary data research design (you will not be conducting primary research but designing the tools for a hypothetical situation).


Project Part 1: Literature Review Outline with Refined Research Questions

Secondary data is critical for many marketing research projects. Conducting a literature review or review of secondary data helps in framing primary research projects, providing context for issues, informs what research had already been performed, and gives key insights into new or developing ideas and trends. For this part of the project, please complete the following and see submission guidelines below:

Read the MSI Research Priorities 2020-2022 report (MSI_ResearchPriorities.pdf Download MSI_ResearchPriorities.pdf).

For this assignment:

  1. Choose a macro topic, a sub topic, and then pick any one of the questions within that section (you can choose from either Tier 1 or Tier 2). This will be your primary research problem/topic for your class project, so please choose wisely.  This may mean conducting some preliminary research on the topic first to see what you can find.

2.) Identify a research perspective, that is the hypothetical firm, client, customer, etc. you will represent and the problem or issue you will be looking to solve.

3.)Develop two (2) specific research questions from the primary topic that interest you. These more refined RQs can be specific to industries, trends, firms, brands, or mark segments. (See example attached or Exhibit 2.6 in your textbook.)

 4.)Create an outline for the literature review assignment which is Module 3. Your outline will include a minimum of one level of indentation below each Research Question with not less than two sub‐headings. Only provide headings, do not provide any narrative. Your headings must provide sufficient information that a reader can understand what is included each section and subsection

.5)Selected references should be included. Cite references you have already used (including the textbook) and any references you intend to use. Please note that the literature review will have at least six references with a minimum of four references from peer-reviewed research.

 Please submit in a Word document with an eye toward professional presentation. All sources must be sited in APA7 style.