Profile Summary Due 21 July 2017 At 1600 Est

PROFILE SUMMARY ON:  The Rollin Sisters” (page 321)


  • Read the profile carefully.
  • Write a brief review of the profile. Include the following elements: 
    • A brief summary of the profile [1 paragraph]
    • A brief discussion addressing the following question: What does the individual’s life story teach us about the time period in which he or she lived? [1 to 2 paragraphs]
    • A brief discussion addressing the following questions: What aspects of the individual’s life story speak to you? Is there a moral to the story that might be relevant to modern society? [1 paragraph]
  • Your review should be approximately 225 words long (225 words=approximately 1 page, double spaced).
  • Include your name and the title of the profile. Cite all quotes.
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