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  • Can anyone write a world religion paper before 5 pm today at a reasonable price?

    Looks good i’ll re-rate after its graded and see what my instructor says

  • Have two questions 10 dollars for whoever answers them

    Did my work in a timely fashion and very quick would let him help me out again.

  • Case Study: Principled Entrepreneurship and Shared Leadership: The Case of TEOCO (The Employee Owned Company)

    Great work appreciate the help. The only “negative” comment by the teacher was that the introduction needed to be a little stronger. Made 248 of 250 points so overall I don’t see that as a true negative!!!! Thank you so very much for the help!

  • American Art
    Big Red 1

    Was a big help will use again in the future.

  • Security & Ethics Within Your Organization

    Over 22% plagiarised. Work also included citations that were not included in reference page.

    profilevery ungrateful. i refunded the amount. now its free
  • Market Research & Targeting (Module 2)

    Prof Ace did an absolutely amazing job. I’ll be looking to him for all of my help with assignment. Thanks Prof!!!

  • •Use to find financial statements for any “for profit” company in the computer hardware industry.

    The document did not answer the questions that were asked. Although it helped with the financial statement it was not much help for anything else

    profilenext time you purchase an assignment, ask first.
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  • finance m3 new

    tried so much not to do this but you messed me up and took my money. refund my money

  • financial statemrnt paper II
    profileThanks amaamo. really awesome working with you.
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    profileas usual, thanks
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  • international business

    Great tutor!Very appreciate your patient and good valued work

  • BUS 599 Executing Strategies in a Global Environment: Examining the Case of Federal Express

    Paper was 90% plagiarized. I believe this was done spitefully and deliberately. You were more concerned about my communication with another tutor which was none of your business. You wasted my time and my assignment will be late as a result. Disappointed. Next time focus on the agreement between you and who is PAYING for a service. 🙁

    profileshe wanted a free assignment. now she has it. she does not give enough information to a tutor. payment refund ratio very high 26% as at today.
  • American Literature Work
  • Intro to science PowerPoint presentation

    I freakin love it!!!


    As always, very fast, accurate and professional work. Thank you so much for the help. And three days early at that! Your AWESOME!

    profilethanks so much for understanding. i am more than humbled
  • English help

    Hands down awesome work!

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  • BUS 599 Case 21 & 23

    Great paper I received 284.70 of 300 points and “A”

    Thanks! I will be contacting you for my nest 3 assignments 🙂

    profileu are welcome pal
  • Shakespeare’s Macbeth is often considered one of literature’s greatest tragedies, not only because of Macbeth’s tragic fall from grace, but…

    Great Help!!!