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Enhancing evidence- based practice in clinical decision making and perception of evidence-based practice among Post graduate Nursing student in the University of Nsukka.

Prepare a written research proposal for a health-related project.

Your proposal should be 2000 (+/- 10%) words long, excluding references.

Your proposal should offer a comprehensive explanation of your proposed research, including, but not limited to, the public health issue, gap in knowledge, justifications of research decisions and ethical considerations.

A few points to keep in mind:
The purpose of your research proposal is to present the problem you are proposing to investigate, the health problem, to present the reason for studying this (i.e. the gap in knowledge), and for you to describe, explain and justify how you will conduct your study.


The following structure is advised in the guidance:
Brief literature review (leading to the gap in knowledge).
Research Question
Aim & objectives
Research outcomes

Please review the guidance (checklist and marking criteria on more specific elements that need to be covered).

NB: Where some students go wrong is that they spend too much time explaining the health problem, and not enough time on describing, explain and justifying the research decisions. Make sure you balance this carefully. The emphasis should be on explaining the research methods.
Justifying your research decisions means you support your decisions with literature. For example, you have chosen a qualitative design, describe what this is, explain why this is appropriate in answering your research question, and justify with support from the literature why this is the most appropriate research design for this study.
You do this for each research decision you make (check the checklist!).
Make sure to use Harvard referencing and double check if you are using this correctly.
Writing concisely is an important skill and the word count will be adhered to.

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