pick just ONE option under ONE author/subject.

I’m studying and need help with a Literature question to help me learn.

LENGTH: All written responses to the questions should be an essay of three or more full pages, PLUS the Works Cited page (4 minimum).

FORMAT: All power point or creative options should be at least eight slides long, NOT including the title slide or Works Cited slide. Power Point is a visual medium, so you must include illustrations and cite them. Instructions for citing illustrations are in Module 2. If you fail to correctly cite illustrations, this is plagiarism.

  • Correct MLA formatting, in-text citation, Works Cited page format and citation: up to 10 pts.
  • Content, including quality of research, textual support for claims, and organization: up to 50 pts. Please review all content in the course about creating effective literary analysis.
  • Mechanics: Strong thesis statement, spelling, grammar, and punctuation: up to 15 pts. Review thesis statements, and run grammar and spell check on every draft.
  • Open with an intro that adresses the purpose of the paper then a thesis statement.
  • Show what you think not just what experts think


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