Physics discussion post | Physics homework help

*Video link is below and if you want to do the reply to the student, let me know and we can work something out*

Use the link above to watch the video.  It starts with about a six minute video clip from the European Space Agency (ESA) explaining the concept of Newton’s first law (The Law of Inertia) and includes several demonstrations with explanations.  Following this clip are three short video demonstrations. Be sure to watch these carefully, as you will be asked questions regarding what you see in the quiz and you must select one of the three demonstrations to use in your main post.  The video concludes with a short quiz.

Be sure to watch the entire video, and complete the quiz before posting any discussions.

For this discussion you must post one main discussion post and reply to one other student’s post.  

Your main post must include:

1.  State which of the three demonstrations you are going to discuss (Demonstration 1 is the chalk demonstration, Demonstration 2 is the stacked coins demonstration and Demonstration 3 is the egg drop demonstration. (5 points***)

2.  A full explanation of the science.  If there are forces, explain what they are, if they are balanced or unbalanced etc.  Do any forces change and if so how?  What specifically causes any object to change its motion, etc.  (15 points)

3.  Think of something you experience in your daily life that is related to what is shown in the demonstrations.  Share this with your fellow students, be sure to explain your example and how it is related to these demonstrations.   (10 points). [For example if you can think of something that relates while driving your car you might state…. while driving my car I experience inertia in this way….]. Once you think about it, you should be able to find numerous ways you experience Newton’s first law often.  Try to pick an experience that you feel other students can relate to as well.

In addition to your main post, you must provide a substantive reply post to another student’s post.  Be respectful, but if the student’s explanation is missing anything, add what you think is missing, or if there are errors, suggest the correct explanation.  Include a comment on how you might relate to the experience they shared.  Consider adding something to this experience that takes the discussion farther or in a new direction… For example, if a student uses a seat belt example, you might add a new, but different seat belt example, or a situation that might be different but still relates to that example such as an experience in an accident (or a near accident)….

Think of it this way… if you were in a group setting how would you add something to a conversation on this topic and keep the conversation going.  It must be something more than “I can relate to your experience”… or “I had the same experience”. These examples aren’t substantive.  But stating “I had a similar experience but I…” does.