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The Scenario:

You are working for a marketing company that is trying to demonstrate the importance of paying attention while driving. The campaign is geared towards showing the devastating power that distraction, for example texting while driving, as well as alcohol and drugs has on the reaction time of a driver.

Question: Operating a motor vehicle at high speeds is dangerous, however do you know how your reaction time can prevent or encourage you from having an accident?

Braking Distance Factors
Braking Distance
Question: How about when drugs or alcohol are involved, how does this inhibit your reaction time?

How Alcohol Impairs You
The Request:

You have been tasked with creating a reaction time simulator for demonstration purposes.
Requirements and Information:

Once the demonstration starts it shall welcome the user and explain how the simulation works.
It shall wait for the user to press enter to continue
The application should randomly light up an LED between 5 and 10 seconds after the start of the simulation.
Record how long it takes after the light turns on for the user to press the button
If the user reacted in an acceptable time limit display a “green” light, otherwise a “red” light

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