Perceptions on online language learning among sabahan students during



Perceptions on Online Language Learning among Sabahan Students During the   COVID-19 Pandemic



i. To determine students’ perceptions on online   language learning.

ii. To specify the issues that students face   during online language learning.

iii. To find out the ways taken by students to   overcome the issues.



i. What are the students’ perceptions on online   language learning?

ii. What are the issues that students face during   online language learning?

iii. What are the ways taken by students to   overcome the issues?



Due to COVID-19 pandemic, educational   institutions have been ordered to close and as a result, students must resort   to full-time online learning.

Gismalla et al. (2020) conducted a study on   medical students’ perceptions towards challenges and difficulties of   e-learning and discovered that students are willing to continue their   learning and educational process via e-learning even though they encounter   issues such as internet service, facilities, technical support, live   sessions, interactions and exam conductions.

The gap of the study is that it did not   explore the ways of how students overcome the identified issues. The students   will consist of Sabahan students in which the state is known for having   limited broadband services when the news of a Sabahan university student who   climbed a tree to ensure she had a good internet connection to sit for her   online exams shocked the nation. Apart from connectivity issues, this   research will explore other challenges faced by Sabahan students during   online language learning and how they overcome those difficulties.