(organizational structures) | Information Systems homework help

Be sure to read Chapter 3  in course text,  Organizational Overview Document

To complete this assignment you will need to download the Homework-02,  Organizational Structures & IT Organizations document

In this homework assignment you will learn and examine the following:

  •  Common organizational structures associated structures and attributes
  •  Effectiveness of an organization and correlations to chain of command and span of control
  • Core purpose and relevancy of an IT organization
  • Components and approach to designing an organization

Provide a thoughtful and comprehensive response to each of the question outlined in the Homework-02 document.  Conduct additional research and embed  relevant content in your responses and be sure to properly site and your reference sources.  This assignment uses the document below and is NOT organized in the APA format.   

Use the Homework-02 MS Word document to complete this assignment

Text book attached (IT Managers.pdf)