Organizational staffing discussion 4 | Human Resource Management homework help

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Considering the value of job performance, assessment centers, and legal issues, you are trying to determine who to promote to sales manager. Vincent and Peter are sales associates and are up for promotion to sales manager. In the last five years, using a rating scale of 1= poor to 5= excellent, Vincent’s average performance rating was 4.7 and Peter’s was 4.2.

You have access to an assessment center (contracted) and you want to determine if they would be the candidates to send to the assessment center. What type of interview would you envision to help you make the final decision? Why? In the assessment center that was meant to simulate the job of sales manager, using a rating scale of 1 = very poor to 10= outstanding, Vincent’s average score was 8.2 and Peter’s was 9.2. All other things being equal, who would you promote? Why?