Organizational culture dq | Operations Management homework help


Using the concepts in Chapter 12 of textbook, (Thompson text)

Describe the corporate culture within your organization, or one that you know well. What effects do the nature and condition of your organizational culture have on your organization’s strategy? What would you like to see happen that would improve its contribution to the organization’s competitive advantage, and what mechanisms or measures would you recommend to your organization’s leadership for promoting such changes?  

Company – Choose Anyone 

Again, relate your analysis and recommendation to our coursework (Thompson text and other material) 

You must have at least one course (Thompson text)

 Thompson, A., Peteraf, M., Gamble, J., & Strickland, A. J. (2020). Crafting & Executing Strategy: Concepts and Cases (22nd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. 221 

Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 references must.