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250 words with one reference including in-text citation for each part

Part 1- Answer both questions for part 1

1. Explain how information systems provide support for knowledge workers.

2. If you were the President of Herzing University, how would the various types of Decision-support Systems (DSS) help you make better decisions? Do you think that you would be looking at the surveys that completed by students at the end of each course? In the course of your discussion, be sure to distinguish between an unstructured, semi-structured, and structured decisions.

Part 2

Why do all the business units in an organization that use technology need to be involved in developing management information systems? How does that relate to the goal that a “knowledge-management repository” can be used throughout the organization?

“Think out of the box”: Be sure to discuss how you have been participated in, or would like to participate in a project that would develop a knowledge management system for an organization. Specifically, what role would you want to take, and how would you go about providing a meaningful contribution to such a project?