Now That You Know More About Connectspree S Network You Begin Drawing A Map Of I

Now that you know more about ConnectSpree’s network, you begin drawinga map of its devices and connections, starting with its internal LAN. Supposethe company’s LAN consists of six workgroup switches and four routers (andno hubs). The workgroup switches are distributed one to a floor in the ConnectSpreebuilding, but employees belonging to the company’s departments—Accounting, Human Resources, Engineering, and Customer Service—are noton the same floor as the rest of the employees in their departments. The company’sfour internal servers are located with the routers in one data room onthe first floor. Make a sketch of how the devices on this network might bephysically connected. Include all switches, routers, and servers, plus a fewworkstations from each department. Next used dashed lines to indicate thepath that data would travel between a workstation in the Accounting Departmenton one floor to another Accounting Department workstation on a differentfloor.

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