Need Help With Field Study Proposal

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proposal should provide the following information:

  • what you hope to learn from your field study that you haven’t learned in your scholarly research
  • what type of field study will best help you to acquire that information
  • who would be the best person/people to interview, the best group(s) to survey or another completely new direction for your research
  • how you will contact this person/people/organization
  • your plan to prepare for your field study
  • materials you will need—cell phone or other device for recording, access to a copier, online survey software (Google Forms recommended—it’s free), notebook for field notes, camera, etc.
  • if your proposal involves potential IRB issues (dealing with sensitive aspects of subjects’ behavior or experiences), please state what you will do to show respect toward and safeguard subjects’ privacy, including anonymity and/or confidentiality, as appropriate for your project
  • your back up plan
  • any questions you have about how to proceed
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