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Question 1.1. An employer has a duty to indemnify, or compensate an employee for any losses suffered as a result of authorized legal acts that the employee performs under the employment agreement.   



Question 2.2. The U.S. Constitution protects private sector employees through provisions for equal protection and due process



Question 3.3. Peter owns an auto dealership. Peter hires Cara as a receptionist, Ben as a salesperson, Stacy as a mechanic, and the “Clean as a Whistle Co.” to come in at night and clean the premises.  Which situation is LEAST likely to result in liability for Peter?  

a)  Cara, with authority, buys office supplies from Office Stuff.

b)  Ben sells a car at a $1,000 markdown, after Peter told him not discount more than $500.

c)  Stacy forgets to put the oil plug back into Daria’s car after an oil change, damaging the engine when the oil runs out.

d)  Esmeralda from “Clean as a Whistle Co.” runs over Patty Pedestrian in the dealership’s parking lot.

Question 4.4. Employees and independent contractors are two types of compensated agents.



Question 5.5. Which of the following is required to have a valid agency?

a)  The agent’s consent to act

b)  The principal’s agreement to compensate the agent

c)  A contract

d)  None of these

Question 6.6. Among other things, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 regulates minimum wage hours worked and overtime, employees’ breaks and child labor.



Question 7.7. State employment laws cannot forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation because discrimination based on sexual orientation is not expressly forbidden under federal civil rights law.



Question 8.8. The authority for investigating unfair labor practices is vested in the:

a)  Fair Labor Standards Board

b)  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

c)  Federal Trade Commission

d)  National Labor Relations Board

Question 9.9. Mariel hires Andrew as manager of her sporting goods store. Nothing is said to Andrew about hiring other employees, but the store is understaffed, so Andrew hires two clerks. Andrew has what type of authority to hire the clerks?

a)  Actual authority

b)  Apparent authority

c)  Ratified authority

d)  No authority

Question 10.10. Peter tells Annabel to mark down all products 15% for a weekend sale. Annabel, correctly thinking that some items are so in demand they will still sell with only a 5% discount, sells some products with a 5% discount, some with 15%, and some with no discount at all. She keeps the extra as a bonus, figuring that Peter is expecting regular price minus 15%. All the inventory sells in the weekend sale. Which of the following is true? (Points : 1)

a)  Annabel has breached her duty of obedience.

b)  Annabel has breached her duty of loyalty.

c)  Peter can recover the “bonus” from Annabel.

d)  Peter can fire Annabel.

e)  All of these

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