Need Help With An Annotated Bibliography

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Make sure that you address all requirements outlined in the project description. Your annotated bibliography must contain the following components:

  • Each entry must begin with a full APA reference citation. A reference citation provides the information necessary to locate the resource. APA editorial style guidelines dictate both the type of information required for a citation and the order and formatting within the citation itself.
  • Reference citations are followed by an annotation, which is an overview of the information resource. For each annotation, you will do the following:
    • Summarize the resource selected
    • Evaluate the resource selected
    • Justify your use of the resource for this project.

For the annotated bibliography:

  • Include at least four of the following five resources that you identified in your research process:
    • One Book
    • One Scholarly Journal Article
    • One Magazine Article
    • One Newspaper Article
    • One Web Resource
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