Need Help Filling Logbook And Writing Report

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I welcome writer DarwinH to bid on this.Not able to assign directly

I need help writing an Internship report and a Logbook filled. I haveattached a format of Logbook and and Report Format. Make sure thereport is between 13 to 15 pages, physical paging. But cover all thecontent indicated in the report and format it correctly

I consider I have not paid for it. I will pay for it at the end onceI see what you have done. I have recharged my credit card with $65.I hope that will be enough for you, if not suggest a reasonableincrease once you pick the order as we chat. Let me know if you haveany questions.

The place i select for attachmentis a restaurant.

The place performs task like

  1. Customer Care
  2. Management of Sales
  3. Management of Purchases
  4. Store Management
  5. Assisting manager in themanagement of staff records
  6. Any other activity related tobusiness in such a restaurant environment

I need only the logbook entries in 15 hours, if you deliver, I willextend time to at least 2 more days for you to deliver report.

School – Colorado State University

Course – Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship

Restaurant – Express Restaurant, Colorado, Carragey Street

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