national certification: describe step by step what you will need to

 National Certification: Describe step by step what you will need to do to become nationally certified as an NP (AANP). Include a list of the requirements needed for you to apply for national certification as a Family Nurse practitioner or Adult Nurse Practitioner. What is the minimum score on the certification exam to pass? How will you prepare for the exam? (Be specific on what you plan to do such as attend a national review course.)

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Steps to Become an AANP

As I complete my Nurse Practitioner program and plan to join the workforce, I need to achieve a national certification from an accredited certifying body. The selected certifying body is AANP, where I will apply for national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). FNP certification examination is a competency-based examination that tests clinical knowledge in individuals/family across the life span. The program has 150 questions, and the score of the candidate is based on 135 questions. The remaining 15 are pretest questions that are utilized in examination to get statistical data for establishing the proficiency of a candidate before vetting.

The first step to become a nationally certified FNP is to create an online profile account at the AANP website. During the period of certification, I will notify AANPCB of any changes in contact formation. The application process should be completed within 30 days once started. As an applicant, I will be notified by email once a week of any additional information is required. These applications are reviewed to establish the qualifications to take the examination and for completeness to undergo professional review by qualified NPs. For a candidate to take the examination, he or she must meet the required qualifications and eligibility. First, one must meet given education that prepares graduate students in national proficiencies of family/across lifespans. The second requirement is that one must complete the APRN core courses as well as complete all educational and clinical NP program coursework, which entail all faculty-supervised clinical clock hours as specified in the NP program. Thirdly, a current U.S. or Canadian RN licensure is needed, and lastly, a person’s educational preparedness must be consistent with the conforming national certification process. It should also be noted that the examination cannot be completed twice in a calendar year.

I will prepare for this examination by utilizing review books and completing the Fitzgerald course review online.Fitzgerald Faculty has courses that meet the needs of practicing NPs in three formats: live, online, or recorded. Additionally, the Fitzgerald Bookstore will provide resources that will help me prep review for all examinations. Therefore, I will enroll in a Fitzgerald online course to prepare myself for the exams.

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