Music In Humanity

please read Carefully the question.

Discussion activity.

300 words minimum with 2 posts.

Answer the following questions and write a personalized response, using appropriate musical terminology from the readings associated with Module 4: The Classical Period. Your response should have a minimum of 300 words and should be your original work, not the work or discussion published in another source. Then read and reply to two (2) of your classmatesâ posts, offering your insight into the works discussed.

  • Design, form, and order were notable characteristics of music during the Classical era. Do you find that you are better able to understand form in music than when you began this course? What listening techniques have you developed that enhance your awareness of the form of a piece?
  • Demonstrate your awareness of form: Outline the form of a particular musical work that you enjoy listening to. Do you think the form of the piece helps make it effective or appealing to you? If so, explain why or how.

Remember: You only receive full points when you complete the forum by responding to two other classmates’ postings.

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