Music Assignment 3

This assignment is based on the same aria we listened to in the class: Che Gelida Manina from the opera ‘La Bohéme’ by Puccini. You will remember it when you hear it again. It will be sung by the same singer, Luciano Pavarotti, but from a different time/year, and lead by a different conductor (Carlos Kleiber). The attached article talks about the exact performance (from opera house La Scala in 1979) that I am including here.

What to do:

1. Read the attached article – Pavarotti: Performance Perspectives 

2. Click on this link


3. Move the timer to 20:38 and listen to the aria up to 25:07, where it ends.

4. Write a short reflection, at least half page long (up to one page or so). Include your thoughts about the performance with regard to the article you just read. You may want to also include a thought about the conductor’s role in a performance, and about operatic singing etc. As always, best papers get extra credit.

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