Multinational Management Discussions

Discussion â 1.1

What are some of the reasons why globalization and free trade are being criticized? Do you think that free trade is helping all countries? Why or why not?

Discussion â 1.2

Compare and contrast ethical relativism and ethical universalism. What are some of the dangers of adopting either ethical relativism or ethical universalism when making decisions?

Discussion 2.1

What is political risk? Discuss some of the aspects of political risk assessment. How can multinationals use political risk assessment?

Discussion â 2.2

Describe the SWOT analysis. Why is a SWOT analysis more complex for a multinational than for a domestic company?

Discussion â 3.1

What are some advantages of a worldwide product structure over a worldwide geographic structure? What type of company would most likely choose each type?

Discussion â 3.2

Explain why performance drops off when teams are used in individualistic cultures. Explain the significance of social loafing in the process. How can social loafing be reduced?

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