Ms access database file for large-scale grading system for college or

Activity 1. For this project, your team is in charge of designing and planning the development of a secure system for storing student’s records at a college or university of about 15,000 students. Think of this as a real-world implementation project. If you have questions about the functionality of the system please ask the instructor. Some basic requirements are below: A. Instructors should be able to view the grades of the students. B. School admins should be able to view the grades of any student and up-date grade with an Approved Grade Change Form. C. Students may view only their own grades. D. The system should be a web-based system. E. The system should account for user management. F. Student’s should receive grades by email, and/or physically mail at the conclusion of the course. 


1. Use the template (s) located on the course website to help your group complete this project. 

2. Think of recommendations on how your group can improve the basic requirements of this system.