Movie Synopsis

Please read the instructions of this briefing carefully before you start writing.

We require a synopsis of a movie or play. You are free to decide which title to write about.


Introduce your text with a headline. The headline should be the name of the movie or play.

Next, summarise the film in a synopsis of no more than 120 words.

Continue the article with a meaningful subtitle which encourages the

reader to continue reading. In the second half of the article, deal with

a significant topic concerning the movie. This could be a specific

performance, the music or a plot point. The actual topic is not

important, but the complex and critical way in which you argue your

points is essential.

At the end of the article, add a call-to-action which encourages the reader to go see the movie or play.

Style and Format

Style requirements:

Adopt a neutral tone which is neither informal nor formal. Do not address the reader. The aim of this article is to grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to go see the movie or playwords: 250

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