Motivation For Employees Working In The Airplane Business

Communication with employees is currently done through an Intranet site called “What’s Up.” It’s read by most employees, however, some employees don’t regularly read the site as they don’t always have access to a computer. A newsletter is sent out quarterly, but more communication is needed.

The “air plane” company you work for is currently merging with another company. As the leader of your organization you will need to find ways to keep your employees motivated.

In a 2 page paper, cover the following:

  • How will you create and sustain an environment in which motivation can occur?
  • What will be some of the challenges in motivating your employees? How will you overcome these challenges?
  • Will you incorporate any incentive programs? Why?
  • Provide 2 sources.


DUE DATE 08/04/2017 BY NOON

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