Mkt 100 Principles Of Marketing Re Why It Matters

When having customers. i think you need to understand fourthings; what they want, what they like or dislike, how much are they willing tospend and will it be beneficial for them to want to come back to you tomake another purchase. There are many factors,but i can think of a few things; is it appealing to them? How is it beneficialto their needs? Lastly, how do they want to spend? With a laptop, thereare many uses for a person to buy one. For example,if you are a college student you are going to need one to do homework, checkgrades, check assignment, check emails, totrying to get in touch with yourprofessor or classmate. With a house, youare going to need to have a roof over your head for you and your family. Butthe question to ask yourself when thinking of buying or renting a home is how much can i afford to get the house? I think the most important for me would be theproduct beneficial for me to buy it? For example,i would go the laptop because i am a college student and poet. So for me purchase a laptop it has to beaffordable and also appealing.

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