Mkt 100 Principles Of Marketing Re Why It Matters 1

Professor.. I thinkit is imperative for the Marketer to knowtheir customers. Know their likes anddislikes.

What are they looking for in a product? Making a product that know one is looking for or is in demand itwont be successful. Doing your due diligence on customers will be successful ofhow well the products sells.

If am buying a new home first, i would look for a price range within my budget. Thelocation of where i want my home to be.

Also keeping inmind the appraised value of the home, the percentage rate, whether it isfixed or flexible. Lots to consider when making a purchase on a new home. Howmuch construction the home will need after purchase to make it a healthy living environment, check appliances,air condition an plumbing.

You must have abudget how much you want to spend overall.

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