Milestone 3 – adventure game outline: module development



For the third milestone, you will need to develop several modules that incorporate the actions throughout your game. Before you start, do the following: 

  1. Incorporate any feedback from Milestone 2.
  2. Review this article for modular programming:
  3. If needed, call or meet virtually with me to make sure you have the okay to move forward with the game (I will indicate whether a call or virtual meeting is necessary in the feedback on Milestone 2).

You will create the modules needed for your action game. This will be for each chapter of your story from Milestone 2 that has been designated by you (or by me as your instructor) as a good fit for a module. Download the Milestone 3 file (located in this module) which contains an example of a module of code that you can use as a guideline. Submit your modules as Python files (one for each chapter)

Professors feedback from the milestone 2 – Adventure Game Outline: Flowchart Development 


Good work on your flowcharts. I noticed that in every chapter you ask for the user name, can this be done in the first chapter and carry that variable (name) across all chapters? 

Also, start thinking about how you would code each action in your flowchart in Python code.