Mgmt757 wk1 asst | Human Resource Management homework help


a)   Read Parts 1 & 2 of Course Syllabus and send a Davenport Gmail to instructor stating that you have read and understand the content. (Due Day 1)

b)   Introduction    – Write a brief introduction about yourself in the Introduction forum.   (Due Day 2)

c)   Complete:

        1.  Chapter 1: Business Textbook Supply Chain Case

Using the Business Textbook Supply Chain case at the end of chapter 1 and external research (2 sources required), write a memo (use MS Word memo template – or comparable) that discusses the changes in the current supply chain for a textbook that results from the trend to use e-texts and digital publishing. Include supply chain diagrams that illustrate the changes that will be needed from the current to the future supply chain (show both the current supply chain and the future).  The memo should not exceed 3 pages.

 2. Chapter 2:   Using the information about Valley Kayaks provided above:

Provide recommendations to top management for both proposals, A and B, stating the logic/rationale for implementing the proposal.  Your recommendation needs to discuss the impact on ROA using the Strategic Profit Model.