Mathis company and reece company

Mathis Company and Reece Company use the perpetual inventory system. The following transactions occurred during the month of April:


  1. On April 1,Mathis Company purchased merchandise on account from Reece Company with credit terms of 2/10, n/30. The selling price of the merchandise was $2,800 and the cost of the merchandise sold was $2,450.
  2. On April 1, Mathis paid freight charges of $100 cash to have the goods delivered to its warehouse.
  3. On April 8, Mathis returned $1,000 of the merchandise. The cost of the merchandise returned was $700.
  4. On April 10, Mathis paid Reece the balance due.

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a. Prepare the journal entry to record the April 1 purchase (ignore any freight charges) of merchandise by Mathis Company