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MKTG 2090 Discussion Forum 1 on Market Research for Small Business

Review the materials and the Links Below and answer the following 3-4 questions by creating a New Blackboard Discussion Post. I would suggest creating a Word document with your 3-4 questions listed and begin to answer the questions.

Remember your initial post will be a total of 10-12 sentences.

1. In creating your post, answer the 2 questions below with your first 4-5 sentences

Market Research for Small Business

What are some options for small businesses in “vetting ideas”?

1a. And why is Market research important? What are some of the best ideas presented here?

2.  In continuing your post, answer the question below in your next 2-3 sentences

What is secondary and primary research?

3.  Describe 3-4 Marketing Research Methods that surprise you.  In other words, which techniques were you not aware? Explain the method, and its purpose.  Final 3-4 sentences.