Marketing/advertising w1 d1/2 | Marketing homework help

I need 3 paragraphs for each discussion which is a total of 6 paragraphs. Please keep both separate and address each question. Please make sure you check grammar and punctuation errors, as well as quoting and using in text citations. PLEASE make sure you cite the information, do NOT plagiarize and ADD all references. 

Discussion 1 IMC & Marcom

What is marcom? How have the functions within marketing communications become more integrated? What does the Forbes writer, Judy Begehr, say about how content will impact the IMC? Why is this important? Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post. 

Discussion 2 Marketing Management 

Where do the IMC communications tactics fit within the marketing management flow chart and why? Why is it necessary to create integration and consistency with current and potential customers? Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post. 


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