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I have an AND/ADD circuit with pass-through that I’ve created, and I’m pretty sure it works properly…but I don’t know how to test the function of it. I have to fill out table 3 and table 4 on page 4 in the attachment and my instructions say simply to “Briefly mention the procedure you used to test it. Justify why the results of the tests you chose make it likely that your circuit functions correctly.” Could you please help me understand how to test this properly?

I also attached the Logisim circ file, and you can find this circuit under the “simlab3-3” in the top part of the left column. 

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

EEE 120Simulation Lab 3 Answer SheetArithmetic and Logic UnitName: Sarah WeberDate: 19 Oct 2016 Task 3-1: Build the NOT/NEG CircuitInclude a picture of your Logisim NOT/NEG circuit here: Table…

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