Locate And Download Annual U Cpi Includes Cpi U And Cpi W Data From

from 1963. Year will be the X Axis. Price Index will be the Y Axis.

Save the Excel® document for submission.

Compose a minimum 1,050-word report in which you address the following: •Analyze the correlation between “House Price Index” and “Consumer Price Index.” •Evaluate conditions of abrupt median price change and correlate to a historical event (e.g. 2006). •Predict the trend for “House Price Index” for the next few years. •Synthesize your predictions in regards to the current market conditions based on the “House Price Index” vs. “Consumer Price Index.” •Analyze the median income increase in the last 10 to 20 years. Correlate with the graph you have created and assess your findings

Running head: PRICE INDEX REPORT 1 Price Index ReportNameInstitution PRICE INDEX REPORT 2 The cost of living of particular place or country is measured using a number of elementsincluding…

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