Literature review cybercrime apa essay

Topic: Cybercrime. What are some of the effective strategies being implemented by the CJS to prevent and combat cybercrimes?


  • This Literature Review should be over 5 pages in content (but no longer than 6) not including title page, abstract, and reference. Points will be deducted for not meeting this requirement.
  • It should be typed using 12 point font Times New Roman or Calibri, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins all around. Points will be deducted for not meeting these requirements.
  • Use the APA style to format in-text citations and reference page.
  • It should contain the following sections:
    • Cover page (does not count toward page requirement)
    • Abstract (does not count toward page requirement)
    • Introduction with thesis
    • Body: Literature review
    • Conclusion
    • References (does not count toward page requirement). At least 6 of them should be the peer-reviewed articles you already read. You can include other sources in the paper but you must have a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed articles.

**Follow the Literature Review template for the paper and follow the Literature Review Matrix to do the paper. Both (template and matrix are attached).**