Lists and classes/ids | Computer Science homework help


Create and embed a code pen for your colleagues  solving the problems listed below. 

TIP: When creating a code pen, You don’t need a DOCTYPE on or structuring tags. Just put here what you would normally put in the <body>.

Put the CSS in the CSS panel of the pen. Please embed rather than link to so we can see it here. 

TIP: To embed, click “Embed” at the bottom  right after creating your pen and copy the code. Then in Canvas, when  posting your reply, click “HTML Editor” and paste the code.


  1. List a table of contents with three chapters and three subsections  in each chapter using an ordered list and list-style-type. Use a  descendent selector to style the subsections lists. Ex:
    Image of chapters and subheadings
  2. Style four lines of text enclosed by <p> ,four different ways using no more than three classes of CSS (info at W3Schools (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). For example: 
    • two paragraphs have green text
    • one paragraph has red text
    • one paragraph has green bold text
    • one has uncolored (black) bold type
    • Ex.
      Text in different colors and boldness