Lightning Labs Provides Drug Companies And Law Enforcement Agencies With Mitocho

Lightning Labs provides drug companies and law enforcement agencies with mitochondrial DNA culturing. They claim they can complete the culturing of a mitochondrial DNA sample in less than 16 hours. You are given the following data from a sample.Sample size: 36Population standard deviation: .75Sample mean: 15.23Formulate a hypothesis test to evaluate this claim.Assume that customers patronizing Pete’s Gettem While They’re Hot hot dog stand are binomially distributed by age (young = 18 or younger, and old = over 18). If 10 people visit Pete’s on a typical day, determine the following:Binomial distribution10 n0.5 pX P(X) cumulativeprobability0 0.00098 0.000981 0.00977 0.010742 0.04395 0.054693 0.11719 0.171884 0.20508 0.376955 0.24609 0.623056 0.20508 0.828137 0.11719 0.945318 0.04395 0.989269 0.00977 0.9990210 0.00098 1.00000What is the probability that at least six will be young?

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