Legacy Role I Majored In Health Sciences Because I Knew I Wanted To Go Into Heal

Legacy Role

I majored in Health Sciences because I knew I wanted to go into healthcare but I was not sure what specific area or profession. I liked that this major served as a foundation from which I could go on in any desired career path, whether it be graduate school, technical program, etc. I also liked that option “B” allowed me to fulfill my prerequisite requirements for the program I will be beginning once I graduate.

In general, I learned a lot about health and healthcare from the Health Sciences classes required for the major. I felt most professors were very knowledgeable and presented their knowledge in effective way. Other professors were knowledgeable about health and healthcare; however, their method of lecturing was rather dry and painfully boring. If these professors changed their lecturing formats or tried different lecturing methods, class would not have been as boring. I also felt that there was a little too much overlap and redundancy in some courses. I love hybrid classes because it was like getting the best of both worlds! We had lecture but also time to work by ourselves without having to come to class.

In my opinion, I felt that there was too much group work assigned in the Health Sciences classes. It seemed to be more stressful because if we did not select the right people to be in our group then we were in for a horrible quarter. On more than one occasion I had problems with members in m group because I was doing my absolute best trying to complete my share of the work yet some group members were only putting half the effort and time. It was not fair that my grade had to suffer because of other people’s lack of responsibility and carelessness. It also bothered me that group members who did not do their share of the work would receive a better grade than they really deserved and therefore, they were able to slip through the class with no problem. It especially made me angry when professors would tell us that group conflicts were our problems t at we needed to figure out ourselves. I also felt it was ridiculous to require group work for an online class. The group work was worth half our grade and I had to depend on people I had never met before. This particular online class I took that required group work was literally a nightmare and my grade reflected it. I do understand that we need some practice working with 0 hers in groups because we will be required to do it in the future but I think there was too much group work emphasized.

I felt that there was a sudden jump in expectation when it came to Health Sciences 4500 but it was understandable why this expectation was set and help was offered to meet that expectation. I was not required to take Health Sciences 2100; however, I think it should help students with their writing and APA formatting. I was never properly taught APA; I taught myself and learned from my mistakes. I also felt that Health Sciences 4700 seemed to have a lot of busy work, yet it was manageable.

I thought that non-health science major courses were incredibly relevant and useful, especially for students like myself who are option “D.” These courses have allowed me to study other different areas in general as well as to chance to study health from different perspectives and disciplines. I think non-health science major courses classes, like introduction to psychology, elementary physics, statistics, etc., allowed me to become a more knowledgeable, well-rounded, and educated student because we were not totally concentrated on Health Sciences classes alone. The non-health science courses gave us basic knowledge in other areas where we may have never gotten exposure to. Therefore, in the future, information we learned in non­-health science major courses may be suddenly rather useful.

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