Lecture reflection due at 11:45pm tonight east coast time 5/13/2021 | business | Montclair State University


Demonstrate a) that you listened to the lecture and b) saw the video in the lecture, and took notes.

Live lecture reflection: 

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of global free trade, as opposed  to government involvement, regulation, tariffs, direction, support.   Provide an example of how government support or lack thereof has  helped/hurt American competitiveness vs. China in terms of the electric  car video.  Briefly discuss how off shore outsourcing leads to lower  prices but reduced American national capacity and competitiveness in the  electric car/battery industry. 

Video lecture reflection:  

Write a letter to your niece/nephew explaining why other countries  are very poor, and this country is relatively rich.  List the various  reasons that could explain this, and then discuss what particular  explanation the book Why Nations Fail suggests.

Two paragraphs – one paragraph summarizing the lecture and another summarizing the other video.