Learning Objective 2 Explain How Establishing Your Credibility And Projecting Yo

Learning Objective 2: Explain how establishing your credibility and projecting your company’s image are vital aspects of building strong relationships with your audience. Establishing your credibility and projecting your company’s image are two vital steps in building and fostering positive business relationships. Establishing Your Credibility Credibility is the measure of your believability based on how reliable you are and how much trust you evoke in others. To establish your credibility, emphasize  Honesty  Objectivity  Awareness of audience needs  Credentials, knowledge, and expertise  Endorsements  Performance  Sincerity Credibility can take a long time to establish—and it can be wiped out by a single careless or foolish mistake. Projecting Your Company’s Image Project the proper image for your company by subordinating your own views and personality if necessary and mastering your company’s style. Observe more experienced colleagues to see how they communicate, and never hesitate to ask for editorial help.