Learning Activity 1 Theme One Creating Your Own Leadership Energy As Clawson Wou

Learning Activity #1

Theme One: Creating your own leadership energy as Clawson would suggest starts with knowing who are as person.

* After a review and reflection of the results, discuss how knowing more about your personality, emotional IQ, communication, ethics and your natural inclinations to be a leader can improve your relationships with others in the workplace. (Students can reflect generally or specifically on the results to the class. Privacy is important to us all so if you choose not to give actual numbers and just the results in general, that is fine.)
* Think over your experiences in the workplace and find five examples where personality, emotional IQ, communication, or ethics helped to create trust or lose trust, for you, in a leader.
* Jung Typology Test
* EQ Test
* Ultimate Ethics Quiz
* How Good Are Your communication Skills
* Would You Make a Good Leader?
* Leadership Skills

Learning Activity #2

Assess how Bloom might go about solving her leadership relationship building problems. Take into consideration her personality traits, organizational values, emotional intelligence and the social leadership aspects of her role as leader. In short, how can you make her a new woman; one that the department would want to follow?