Leadership Hogue F 2015 Nov 9 5 Habits Of Truly Disruptive Leaders Fast Company


* Hogue, F. (2015, Nov 9). 5 Habits of Truly Disruptive Leaders. Fast Company. Retrieved from: https://www.fastcompany.com/3052725/5-habits-of-truly-disruptive-leaders
* Ingersoll, C., Locke, R., & Reavis, C. (2012). BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010. Cambridge, MA. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Retrieved from: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/LearningEdge/CaseDocs/10%20110%20BP%20Deepwater%20Horizon%20Locke.Review.pdf
* Reardon, K. K., Reardon K. J., & Rowe, A. J. (1998). Leadership styles for the five stages of radical change. Acquisition Review Quarterly, 2. Download the pdf.
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* Part 1

After reading “Leadership Styles for the Five Stages of Radical Change,” consider the stages of change and what is required of a leader at each stage. Using your current industry locate an example of a recent or current disruption and discuss how you (as a leader) or another leader close to you lead through the change. Was it effective or not? Why or why not? What did you learn about leadership from this experience?

* Minimum of 300-words for your original post, use your own words only and reference your sources.

Part 2

Read “BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010” with an eye toward the organizational culture. It’s not important to focus on the actual disaster itself or its engineering problems. Instead, consider the corporate attitudes toward change.

Considering the leadership styles from this week’s reading, evaluate which one would be the most beneficial to execute radical change within the organization as it is described in the case study.

Then, assume that the organizational culture is still similar today. How would you recommend that the organization implement a radical change process from fossil fuels to renewable energies? In other words, how would you address each of the five stages of organizational change?

The paper should be between 2-3 pages, organized and referenced in accordance with APA format.

Part 3

Please review the 5 leadership styles of the reading “Leadership styles for the five stages of radical change” and reflect in your learning journal on which style applies to you the most, explain why and clarify with a recent example.