Law discussion – need help – bluebook format required.

 NEED 450 Words in Bluebook format with 2 scholarly references.  See the following: 


Thread: Discuss the implications, raised by Harold Berman, of the separation of transcendent religious principles from the formation of law. Professor Berman asserts that a legal system divorced from religion loses its ability to do justice and, perhaps, even to survive. In discussing the implications of a legal system divorced from religion, you must include examples from contemporary society to support your position and explain whether Professor Berman’s position is consistent with the Bible. In responding to the question, you might (but are not required to) explore how Professor Berman’s assertion about the connection of religion and law relates to H.L.A. Hart’s question of “What is Law?” or the various theories of “the nature of law” that were discussed in Chapters 1–2 of Professor Bix’s book.