Laura A Cytotechnology Student Is Practicing For An Exam By Reading Slides From

Laura, a cytotechnology student, is practicing for an exam by reading slides from a study set from five years ago. On one slide of a cervical specimen Laura believes she sees malignant cells. However, the slide had originally been read as normal by the cytotechnologist who, coincidentally, is now her instructor. She shows the slide to her instructor, who agrees with Laura–the cervical cells indeed show malignancy, and the specimen is not normal as originally read. Laura’s instructor commends her on this “good pick-up.” When Laura asks if they should inform anyone about the error, her instructor says no. He reasons that if they were to point out his past mistake, others might lose their confidence in him and, besides, there would probably be no clinical impact since the specimen was already five years old

What are plausible actions that Laura could take at this point?