Juvenile justice 4 | Criminal homework help

1.     Complete the following short essay questions

  1. What challenges do mentally ill offenders face in prison?
  2. What issues do sex offenders bring to correctional settings?

4.      Does the death penalty deter murder? Provide statistical information to support your stance.

  1. Describe the state court appeals process in a death penalty case.
  2. Compare and contrast the juvenile system and the adult system.
  3. How do community treatment and institutional treatment differ for juveniles


Part 2

Discuss the following in 400-600 words.

8.     After reviewing the five punishment goals, rehabilitation, incapacitation, restitution, restorative justice, and deterrence, what strategy works best? Why? Which is least effective? Which method does the United States currently use? Can they be used in conjunction with one another, or do they work more effectively independent of one another? Explain and defend your point of view.


Part 3

Discuss the following in 400-600 words.

9.     On the Internet, research and find at least one study that suggests the criminal justice system is racist and one study that suggests the system is not racist. Discuss the pros and cons of each study.

Part 4

Discuss the following in 400-600 words.

10. Research the TASC (Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime) on the Internet and in your communities. How is the TASC program implemented in your community? Do you feel it is successful? Explain why.


Part 5


Discuss the following in 400-600 words.

11. On the Internet, research at least three state prison systems. One must be in your home state. The other two must be from opposite parts of the country. What are the recidivism rates and the cost per day and year of each inmate? Are they different? Why? What rehabilitation do they have in common? What programs are different?