Julie smith, an analyst with abc company, has collected the following

Question 1 Julie Smith, an analyst with ABC Company, has collected the following data about the firm:

EBITDA  = $3.5 million

Tax rate  = 40%

Debt outstanding  = $3 million

Cost of debt = 10.5%

Cost of common equity = 14%

Shares of stock outstanding = 800,000

BV of the stock per share = $12


The firm’s product market is considered stable, and the firm expects no growth, and all earnings are paid out as dividends. Calculate the firm’s earning per share, assuming depreciation & amortization costs of $500,000 per year.    


Question 2Lucent Technology is considering seller-finance for an existing customer with the following information. The net income is $110MM. The depreciation cost is $20MM. What is the subject firm’s cash flow from operations (CFO)?   

Question 3 H.R. Pickett Corporation has $500,000 of debt outstanding, and it pays an interest rate of 10% annually. The company’s annual sales are $2 millions, and its average tax rate is 30%, and its profit margin on sales is 5%. What’s Pickett’s TIE ratio?   


Question 4  Use the following information on Dylan Enterprises for questions:

1). What’s the firm’s net working capital for the current year? Show your calculation.

2). What is Dylan’s time interest earned (TIE) for the current year? Show your calculation.

3). What is Dylan’s retained earning for the current year? Show your calculation.

4). Waht is Dylan’s ROA for the current year?

5). DuPont model for profitability & ROE analysis: Calculate current year’s ROE by showing the value of each individual component.