Java code 1) create a class called toy a) define at three private

 Java code 

1) Create a class called Toy 

a) Define at three private data members that makes sense for a class called Toy.

i) A string that is the name of the toy

ii) You decide what this data member represents and what is the appropriate data type

iii) A double representing the price of the toy 

b) Create a Constructor that initializes only the first and second data members using arguments

 i) Take the argument passed in for the name of the toy, make it  uppercase using a String method, and assign it to the appropriate data  member.

ii) Initialize the second data member with the second argument 

iii)  Create a random double in the range of [10.75, 20.5) and assign it the  third data member representing the price of the toy. (Note, after  formatting for output you can get 20.50.) 

c) Write the one get method to retrieve the values of the third data member as type double. 

d) Write one set method to set the value of the third data member, the price. 

e)  Write the toString method as described in class using example below.  The price must be output in Currency using the FormatNumber class.

2) In main method 

a) Create an instance of the Toy class passing two arguments as described above 

b) Call the get method for the price to retrieve the current price. 

c) Output the current price formatted for currency. 

d) Increase the current price by 25%

e) Call the set method to update the price with the new value you calculated. 

f) Call the toString method and output the String it returns for the instance variable

3) Example Output. follow the format for toString() as explained in chapter 3. 

Price before increase: $8.7

Toy name: JUMP ROPE 

Color: green sparkles 

Price: $10.91