J.c. jinglers handbell company week 1 assignment | HRM634DLAU1P2021 Planning and Staffing | Park University

 J.C.’s Jinglers Handbell Company


J.C.’s Jinglers Handbell Co. does the majority of its business during the Holiday Season. Jingler’s competitive advantage is based on its specialization strategy. The sound quality and durability, i.e. does not need to be replaced often, of the handbells cannot be matched. Lately, there has been a shortage of sales employees, and the holiday season is ramping up. You need to help hire the sales staff.

Unit Learning Outcomes 

· Develop a recruitment and staffing strategy to match the business strategy. (9)


Look at  the ‘Nine Strategic Staffing Decisions’ from table 2-6 of your textbook, reprinted below. Decide on each of the Nine Strategic Staffing Decisions at J.C.’s Jinglers. Include a minimum one paragraph justification for each based on the specialization strategy.

Nine Strategic Staffing Decisions

1. Core or Flexible Workforce?

2. Hire internally or externally?

3. Hire or Train Skills?

4. Replace or Retain Talent?

5. Levels of Skills Needed?

6. Proactive or Reactive Staffing?

7. Which jobs should we focus on? – Sales Associates

8. Is staffing treated as an investment or a cost?

9. Will staffing be centralized or decentralized?