It security policy – computer security


Using the guidelines provided in this week’s chapter (and other resources as needed), create a step-by-step IT security policy for handling user accounts/rights for a student who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on).

You will need to consider specialized student scenarios, such as a student who works as an assistant to a faculty member or as a lab assistant in a computer lab and may have access to resources most students do not.

Write your answer using a WORD document. Do your own work. Submit here. Note your Safe Assign score. Score must be less than 25 for full credit.


  • OverviewThis week we review Security Policies
    This week’s topics:
    • Defining User Policies
    • Defining System Admin Policies
    • Defining  Access Control
    • Standards and Procedures
  • Web LinkWeek Eleven LectureA  recorded lecture covering Week 11 material and activity.
  • ItemRequired ReadingsRead Chapter 10 of the Easttom text, Security Policies
    Primary topics:
    • Recognizing the importance of security policies
    • Understanding the various policies and the rationale for them.
    • Knowing what elements go into good policies
    • Creating policies for network administration.