Issc642 extra credit 250 word | CYBER SECURITY


To position yourself in the best possible way to succeed in your career field, you need to start researching your professional development now. As part of this, focus on the voluntary professional certifications (McKillip, 2000) your career field offers it’s professionals. First, consider what career you want to have. Second, visit ( and search for jobs that relate to your career. Read thru several of the job postings and determine what voluntary professional certifications your industry recognizes and rewards professionally.

Submit an approx 250 word response in .doc or .rtf file format on a voluntary professional certification in or related to your career field. Grading will be based on:

– Topic coverage
– Personal reflection
– Correct APA format – citations, references, paragraph and double-spacing, etc.
– Writing standards


McKillip, J. (July 2000). Voluntary Professional Certifications: Requirements and Validation Activities. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Retrieved online 31 Jan 2011 from: